About Us

Coffee Machine King aims to provide coffee enthusiasts with all the information they need to create the perfect cup of joe.

By providing articles on topics such as how to grind beans, brewing methods, and what kind of grinder or pour-over filter you should use for different types of coffee, Coffee Machine King is your one-stop-shop for everything related to coffee.

With detailed instructions and beautiful pictures accompanying each article, this site is also a great resource for those who are looking at making their own home barista set up as well as those who are simply curious about what goes into creating “the perfect cup.”

Chris Shaw is the editor and founder of Coffee Machine King, a blog that has been around since October 2016.

Chris is a coffee aficionado, entrepreneur, and author. He’s been blogging about coffee for 7 years now and has a deep knowledge of the industry.

In his spare time, Chris loves to travel to faraway places on his Harley, with his wonderful wife.

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Happy Brewing!