American Press coffee and tea maker review

There is no comparison between drip coffee and french pressed coffee. The former brews quickly, sure, but the oils and true flavors of the beans get left behind – giving you something akin to a coffee drink you’ll find at a continental breakfast.

With an American Press Coffee Maker, however, you become an at-home barista with the ability to customize your drink however you want it.

By controlling the number of coffee grounds, the temperature of your water, and how long you let the grounds steep, you can craft the perfect individualized cup of coffee without ever having to step into a pricey coffee shop ever again.

Features of the American Press coffee machine

Another feature of the American Press Coffee & Tea Maker is that you can gift it or share it with the tea lover in your life.

They don’t have to bother with bagged tea and are no longer limited by what they can buy in boxes. A freshly steeped loose leaf tea in this press is something akin to heaven.

Made from shatter-resistant glass that keeps it safe even around smaller children, you can use this press to make your favourite drink either in your home or out camping.

We love that it doesn’t rely on electricity, so it really can go anywhere with you.

As long as you can provide the grounds/tea and some hot water, you can make your ideal drink in minutes.

Some people worry that this American press coffee and tea maker might be on the small side, but it’s perfect for the user who really wants to individualize their cup of coffee.

No more do you have to share a giant coffeemaker with everyone in your house. With this coffee press you can make sure that you have exactly what you want to drink.

You’ll love that this coffee press is double walled to keep your drink hot as long as possible. Or, after brewing, pour out your drink and put it in the fridge for the perfect iced drink.

Is American Press coffee right for you?

You’ll never want to go back to store-bought iced coffees or teas when you taste how delicious you can make them yourself.

There’s a lot less waste with this press than with a k-cup system and you can easily grind the small number of beans that you need each time immediately before use.

If you take the time to do that you’ll be amazed at how fresh your drink can really taste.