Bodum Brazil French Press Review

If you want to enjoy great coffee anytime, you’ll benefit from learning about the Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker.

This coffeemaker is a French Press style and it’s very popular with consumers.

When you choose this design, you’ll find that it’s very stylish, simple and functional!

Today, we’d like to share information about this coffeemaker and its benefits and features.

So what does the Bodum French Press Offer?

Bodum is a trusted name in low-tech coffeemakers. When you choose the Bodum Brazil French Press, you won’t need to plug it in and you’ll find that it’s very portable.

As well, it will produce up to three cups of coffee at one time. Each cup will be four ounces in size.

The carafe is crafted from glass which is heat-resistant. It’s also free of BPAs and very rugged.

As well, this coffeemaker has a base that is made from plastic and a plastic handle. You may put this model into your dishwasher.

One other bonus of choosing this design is affordability. It currently retails for under $15 at Amazon and this is definitely a reasonable price!

The coffeemaker functions via its three-part mesh filter, which is crafted from stainless steel. It ensures excellent extraction for fresh, true flavor.

As well, it extracts essential oils from coffee and acid from coffee beans. This also adds to the flavor profile of freshly-brewed coffee.

This model comes with a one-year warranty.

Keep Your Coffee Making Simple

Coffee making doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Bodum Brazil French Press, you’ll get excellent results with minimal fuss.

Just add heated water and coffee grounds to the coffeemaker and then press. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, hot coffee any time of the day or night.

This simple and effective coffeemaker is really a modern classic. It doesn’t cost much, it makes a great gift idea and it’s so simple to use.

While you will need to heat coffee on your own before adding it to the French Press, you’ll find that you quickly get in the groove of using this handy coffeemaker. Plus, it has all of the style that Bodum is known for.

You may find this highly-rated coffeemaker online and in community-based stores. You’ll probably be able to get it for a lower price when you order it from a large online retailer.

No matter how you buy, you’re bound to love this compact and efficient design.