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If you want to enjoy a delicious espresso at home, you’ll love what the Breville BES840XL Infuser has to offer.

This high-end model is gorgeous, with a stainless steel finish and it offers true coffeehouse performance, so you’ll be able to get professional barista results at home.

Perfect for those who like to entertain or for anyone who enjoys shots of fresh espresso or other, espresso-based coffee drinks, this unit features sixteen hundred watts of power and utilizes lower-than-average levels of water pressure in order to get the best taste from ground espresso.

Today, we’re going to share more important facts about this impressive and highly-rated espresso machine…

What makes the Breville BES840XL stand out?

As we mentioned, this unit is known for its ability to make superb espresso, thanks to low water pressure. As well, it comes with a heating system with thermo-coil technology and plenty of pure power (1600 watts).

The water coil, which is made from stainless steel, helps to keep water temperatures exactly where they should be.

In addition, the Breville BES840XL has an auto-purge feature which alters the temperature of water automatically, once the steam phase is complete.

This Italian-style machine comes with 15 bar and volumetric control. You may utilize presets, manual over-rides and re-programmable volume options, according to your mood and needs.

In addition to receiving a beautiful machine, you’ll get a bunch of handy accessories, including a single wall filter basket, a dual wall filter basket, a scoop for coffee, a jug made from stainless steel, a disc for cleaning, a tool for cleaning and a water filter which has a holder.

Everything that you will need in order to make drinks, excluding espresso, milk and other ingredients, will be included with your order.

Why choose the Breville BES840XL Infuser?

If you want coffeehouse quality from home, you’ll find that this durable and well-made espresso machine provides exceptional benefits. It’s more expensive than a lot of espresso machines sold online.

However, it’s more solid and beautiful, also and it’s known for making espresso which is truly exquisite. If you don’t mind paying more for true quality, you’ll probably find that the Breville BES840XL is a great investment.

In terms of how other customers like it, sixty-seven percent of reviewers at a larger online retailer give it five stars. Its reviews are excellent on the whole, so it does deliver performance to those who buy it and very few customers don’t like it!

This espresso machine weighs in at 24.4 pounds and it’s wonderful to look at. Its also loaded with sensible features. Perfect for those who are serious about espresso, this model is something that will look amazing on any kitchen counter. It’s actually a showpiece, so it’s a great choice for those who entertain.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the Breville BES840XL, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not it is right for you. Breville is a respected American brand, so you’ll find that choosing a Breville design is a smart choice.