BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Review: Easy-To-Use 10-Cup Coffee Maker

The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew makes up to ten cups of coffee at one time and it’s able to brew a big pot of coffee in only three minutes.

If you’re looking for a mid-range machine from a trusted brand name, this may be the model that you want.

Today, we’re going to make your comparison shopping easier by giving you lots of important information about the features and benefits of this design.

We want you to understand what it offers, as well as any “cons”. Our fair and balanced review will help you to decide whether or not this coffeemaker is really right for you.

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Features of this Bunn coffee maker

This coffeemaker does make a lot of coffee, so it’s got enough capacity to please most consumers. As well, it keeps internal water hot, so that it’s ready to brew at the touch of a button.

This unit has a carafe which is drip-free and features an exclusive lid, as well as an exclusive spout which allows for a perfect arc while pouring.

If you want mess-free performance, this coffeemaker will deliver. As well, it comes with a spray head which is “multi-stream”. It showers heated water over coffee grounds in an even fashion. This definitely contributes to great coffee flavor!

As well, this machine has a bottom filter which is big and flat. It also has a high-quality, well-designed funnel.

These features make more interaction between heated water and ground coffee possible. It’s all about providing superb extraction, every single time!

You’ll be able to brew four to ten cups if you want to. Also, this highly-rated coffeemaker comes with a three-year warranty.

Video: How to Set-up the BUNN Velocity Brew

Pros and cons of the Velocity Brew

We’ve already outlined the most important pros. It’s easy to use, it makes a little coffee or a lot, and it features a variety of components which ensure excellent extraction. As well, it has a mid-range price tag, so it’s not too cheap or too expensive.

In terms of cons, let’s look at what real-life buyers of this model have to say…

One unhappy customer experienced leaks after using this coffeemaker for a month. Another found that the machine was shipped out with missing parts.

However, in general, most people are pretty happy with this BUNN design. It gets a strong overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon, based on over eleven hundred customer reviews.

We’re very proud to recommend the Velocity Brew. Click the button below to get the best deal on this coffee machine.