Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine Review

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica is the cream of the crop.

If you’re not seriously into coffee then look past this machine and get a regular drip coffee maker.

But for those who either have experience working in a coffee shop or are a regular at one, this amazing machine can make your home into your own personal coffee shop.

The price tag that it comes with is enough to turn off anyone who isn’t really serious about their coffee, but if you take the plunge you’re in for a real treat!

Is the DeLonghi Magnifica right for you?

Most people grind their beans way in advance of actually brewing a cup or a pot of coffee.

This makes them lose flavor and go stale. Serious coffee drinkers know that to get the best possible cup the beans need to be ground immediately before use.

With this DeLonghi espresso / coffee machine you can do just that.

The built-in grinder will grind the beans and then immediately brew them into coffee. Even your favorite coffee place doesn’t brew that quickly! The flavor and aroma are amazing!

This machine will keep your cups warm so that they are the perfect temperature for your freshly brewed drink.

You can even make custom lattes and cappuccinos by using the attached steam frother. Add as much or as little foam as you want and perfect your favorite drink!

Video: The Delonghi Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

With technology to keep your water hot continuously you never have to worry about taking a break in between brewing drinks.

This makes it perfect for hosting an event at your house and whipping up after-dinner drinks for your family and friends!

Although this machine is pretty large for a countertop it packs a lot of different uses into one machine.

It’s a lot smaller than an espresso machine in a real coffee shop. It’s heavy at just over 28 pounds, so once you find a good spot for it in your house you’ll want to leave it there.

As always with any coffee or espresso maker, the quality of beans that you use has a direct effect on the quality of drinks that you can make.

Luckily, with this at-home system, you’ll be able to splurge on higher quality beans since you no longer have to go to the coffee shop for your drink.

This DeLonghi machine is sure to become a welcome part of your morning routine and you’ll look forward to the delicious drinks you can create!