Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review


Features of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

  • A commercial chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew group provide excellent heat stability while logical controls make the machine very easy to operate.
  • Comes with both commercial and pressurized filter baskets to satisfy both the barista and the beginner.
  • The Gaggia Classic is one of the top selling espresso machines worldwide, and will turn you into a “Barista” in your own home.
  • This unit also includes a Pannarello wand for the frothing of cappuccinos & lattes. The wand can also be used to dispense hot water for tea or americanos.

Review of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

If you love espresso and want to make amazing espresso right from the comfort and privacy of your own home, you should know that the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine is a smart pick.

Today, we’d like to to sing the praises of this highly-rated espresso machine, by sharing information about all of its great features.

It comes from a trusted brand name and it will give you the power to enjoy designer coffee drinks, including bold and invigorating espresso, without needing to go to a local coffeehouse. In fact, it will turn your home kitchen into a coffeehouse!

Also, its mid-range price tag means that you’ll get high quality without needing to spend a thousand dollars or more.

Benefits and Features of the Gaggia Classic

This machine makes coffee and espresso, so it’s very versatile. It features a reservoir which holds seventy-two ounces. As well, its durable construction is a plus.

It comes with housing which is made from stainless steel, as well as portafillers which are crafted from brass. Its grouphead is also made from brass. These fine materials contribute to even temperatures during brewing.

The Gaggia 14101 is a seventeen-and-a-half bar pump design. Its boiler runs at high voltage. It comes with a dispenser for hot water, as well as a wand for frothing. When you order this popular model, you’ll receive a filter basket for single and double shots, as well as a tamper and a measuring scoop.

As you can see, this company provides all of the right accessories. The machine measures fourteen-and-a-half by eight by nine-and-a-half inches, so it’s a good fit for most kitchen counters. Also, Gaggia offers its valued customers access to product videos, a Quickstart Guide and a User Manual.

Video: How to use the Gaggia 14101.

Is This Machine Right for You?

This espresso machine is for coffee and espresso connoisseurs. If you want more from morning coffee and also love enjoying designer coffee drinks at other times of the day or night, you’ll find that this model produces exceptional results and is a joy to own and use.

Also, it looks very nice. It has a classic Italian look with just a touch of modernity. If you’re searching for a great gift idea for a coffee/espresso lover, you’ll find that this reasonably-priced machine is a great way to show your recipient how much you care.


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