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For many years, Gaggia’s Classic espresso machine dominated the entry-level home barista market.

Until recently, Gaggia took a bold step by discontinuing the old model and introduced this updated version, the New Gaggia Classic Pro.

Gaggia’s technology, traditions, and experience date back over 80 years.

Hence, they are instrumental in the design and function of most espresso makers in use all over the world today.

The Gaggia Classic was the machine of choice for most entry-level Baristas and quickly gained iconic status.

In this review, we’ll show you why this machine will most likely gain iconic status as well, just like its predecessor.

For this reason, we also included it in our Best Home Espresso Machine buyer’s guide.

Stand-out Features of the Gaggia Classic Pro

The Pro, shares all of the features of its predecessor, however, they have been upgraded to adhere to more modern standards.

Let us explore some of the stand-out features of this semi-automatic espresso maker.

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Why change a formula that has worked for more than 80 years! Italian designers are world-renowned for their classy designs.

If you combine that with the original idea of Achille Gaggia himself, you have a winning formula.

Professional Group and Filter holder

The chromed brass group and filter holder are exactly the same size, style and weight of the professional machines. Therefore, when you move up to more Barista level machines you’ll feel right at home.

The design of the group and filter holder ensures an optimal coffee temperature throughout the brewing process and an improved brew quality.

Commercial Rotating Steam Wand

Gaggia Classic Parts are top quality and the same applies to the commercial rotating steam wand, resulting in perfect cappuccinos and options galore for latte art design.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

The 3-way solenoid valve ensures that clean up after pulling a shot is a breeze.

The valve diverts pressure away from the group head, directly into the drip tray keeping the puck dry, for easy removal

Rocker Button Interface

The new rocker button interface with built-in indicator lights, make use of very durable materials, giving you complete control of the entire brewing process, from espresso to steam.

3 Filters Included

The included kit contains 3 filters which will cater to all levels of expertise, from beginner to professional, ground coffee or coffee pods. The Gaggia Classic Pro has you covered.

Structural Features

The brushed stainless steel bodywork of the machine has been renovated slightly for more functionality and user-friendliness.

This renovation includes making the water level visible so you’ll be able to see clearly when you need to top up the water tank.

A new drip tray was also included which improves the stability of the unit.

A nice design feature of the filter holder is the inclusion of the signature Gaggia “G” on the handle.

Gaggia Caffe TV Reviewing the New Classic Pro

How to clean the Gaggia Classic

Daily cleaning would include removal and emptying of the drip tray and wiping down of the brushed stainless steel finish.

As mentioned before, the 3-way solenoid valve ensures that the puck remains dry, making removal very simple.

Things get a little tricky when it comes to the de-scaling of the machine. However, this can be done by following the instructions in the Gaggia Classic Manual, which can be downloaded from this link.

The Bottom Line

So the question is “would we recommend this semi-automatic espresso machine?

Our answer is a resounding “it depends“, let me explain.

If you’re looking for a mid-range espresso maker that gives you some manual control. Allowing you to be creative when it comes to brewing strength and art, then this machine is definitely for you.

Alternatively, if you want everything done for you and you’re willing to part with a tad more cash, then I would recommend something like the Breville Barista Express, which is a very strong contender in the market today.

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