KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker Review

Every true tea or coffee lover needs a high-quality teapot to carefully extract the most flavor from the beans or leaves that you use.

With the KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, you can ditch the bagged tea, pods, and drip coffee that you grew up with for something much more sophisticated.

The difference that using this teapot makes is amazing, and you’ll be pleased to taste the amazing flavor whether you like your drink hot or cold.

By extracting all of the flavor possible from your leaves or beans you’ll also reduce waste, as you have to use less to get the desired flavor. In turn, this will save you money!

Ease of Use

Coffee shops all over the world use french presses to get the best flavored coffee to sell to their most discerning customers.

If you’ve been suffering through drip coffee and bagged tea you’re likely to be amazed at how much better a drink brewed in this glass teapot really tastes.

Luckily for those of us who like to camp and be outdoors, the KONA French Press doesn’t rely on access to electricity.

All you need is hot water, the beans or leaves, and some time, and you can craft the perfect cup.

It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in your kitchen or sitting by a campfire on a mountain. Either way will taste amazing and you won’t compromise flavor by cooking your drink over an open flame.

And not only does it brew an amazing cup, but the borosilicate glass is carefully and tastefully wrapped to prevent breakage.

You won’t be able to crack or shatter this glass teapot by setting it down too hard on the counter, and we love that safety feature.

The Verdict

To use this teapot you simply put in your course ground beans or loose leaf tea, hot water, and put on the top.

Give the water time to transform your leaves or beans into a magical drink, then slowly push down on the top of the teapot to press the beans/leaves down to the bottom of the pot.

The coffee or tea will be left without anything floating in it, perfectly brewed and ready to pour and enjoy.

By controlling how many grounds/leaves, the temperature of the water, and how long you wait to press down on the lid, you can truly customize your drink exactly the way you want it.

Say goodbye to pricey coffee shop coffee and enjoy this french press today!